Case Study – Retail – Children’s Fashion

Building a Playful Brand

How an experiential launch to increase brand awareness, create content for social media, website and email marketing.

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Whether you’re a budding startup or an established business, the complexities of inventory management, sourcing the right products, and ensuring flawless logistics can be overwhelming. We specialize in turning these challenges into opportunities, offering a comprehensive suite of supply chain services designed to simplify, optimize, and elevate your business operations.

“They were feeling pressure from several directions.”

“They were feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges, stuck in a cycle of problem-solving”



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The Solutions We Brought


Implemented a comprehensive strategy involving live fashion show events with influencers for audience growth and website content, social media strategies like hashtag optimization, collaborative posting, and targeted audience engagement.

Photography / Videography

Deployed a skilled team—photographers, videographers, and directors—with pre/post-production, achieving vibrant social media and editorial-style photography that resonates effectively with the potential customers.

Influencer Partnerships

Strategically coordinated impactful influencer partnerships, combining outreach and event planning, such as a fashion show featuring influencers as models, to heighten brand visibility and leave a lasting impression in the target market.

Graphic Design

Meticulously crafted visually captivating social media content, prioritizing a unified grid design and maintaining consistent color palettes to convey a compelling and cohesive brand image across various platforms, reinforcing a strong visual identity.

Email Marketing

Implemented a weekly email campaign, meticulously designed to align with the brand, showcasing new arrivals, and narrating the brand story for a compelling and cohesive communication strategy.

We completed this process in 4 weeks -  they are able to finish sampling and test the products before inventory runs out of their current product available.

⁠— Jack Lynch, FACHE, President and CEO, Main Line Health


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