Case Study – Jewelry Supply Chain Client

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Operations for a Leading Jewelry Designer

Supply Chain Operations


Whether you’re a budding startup or an established business, the complexities of inventory management, sourcing the right products, and ensuring flawless logistics can be overwhelming. We specialize in turning these challenges into opportunities, offering a comprehensive suite of supply chain services designed to simplify, optimize, and elevate your business operations.

“They were feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges, stuck in a cycle of problem-solving”



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The Solutions We Brought

Inventory Management

Implemented a proactive communication strategy with manufacturers to ensure timely issue resolution. Leveraged historical sales data to fine-tune stock levels, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and product availability for enhanced operational efficiency.

ERP Solutions

We recommended and successfully implemented the transition from Tradegecko to Stocky within Shopify, a strategic move that guarantees ongoing operational efficiency and seamless inventory management.

Invoice Auditing

Through effective communication with manufacturers, we identified and promptly resolved invoicing errors, resulting in significant cost savings for the client. Our commitment to precision and financial diligence ensures a streamlined and error-free invoicing process.


Partnered with manufacturers to implement quality controls, reducing defective products by 90%. Enhanced on-time delivery to 85% for wholesale orders and cut purchase order creation time by 40%, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Supplier Sourcing

Established collaborations with manufacturers across four international locations, expanding the backup supplier network by 50%. Identified reliable suppliers for quality materials, enhancing the sourcing process.

We completed this process in 4 weeks -  they are able to finish sampling and test the products before inventory runs out of their current product available.

⁠— Jack Lynch, FACHE, President and CEO, Main Line Health


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