Case Study – Pet Supplement Company 

We built the infrastructure, so they could focus on growth.

Pet supplement company’s new system implementation cleared an easy path for growth.

Supply Chain Operations

Amazon Platform Management


Struggling under the weight of inaccurate inventories, costly external consultations, and a myriad of operational challenges, our intervention improves a pet supplement company’s profit and efficiency. From upgrading their ERP to Finale Inventory and conducting a thorough invoice audit that recovered $3,000 to establishing robust supplier ties and optimizing Amazon platform management, our multifaceted approach redefined their operations. Cost reductions, efficient demand planning, and a commitment to quality assurance further propelled the company into a new era of growth.

“They were feeling pressure from several directions.”

“Their day-to-day issues were keeping them in a problem solving loop”



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The Solutions We Brought

Inventory Management

Through meticulous inventory management and implementing limits, we eradicated potential inventory discrepancies and stockouts, guaranteeing accurate transfers to Amazon inventory for optimal control and operational efficiency.

ERP Solutions

Upgraded ERP to Finale Inventory, integrating Shopify and Amazon IMS for real-time tracking and financial data. Streamlined processes, automated tasks, boosted data security, and increased profit

Invoice Audit

Through effective communication and resolution with the 3PL and existing manufacturer, we successfully identified and recovered $3,000 in invoicing errors, showcasing our commitment to precision and financial diligence.

Product Sourcing

Forged ties with a new supplier, reducing lead times, minimum quantities, and creating a proprietary formula meeting desired certifications. Completed in 4 weeks, ensuring sampling and testing before current inventory depletion.

We completed this process in 4 weeks -  they are able to finish sampling and test the products before inventory runs out of their current product available.

⁠— Jack Lynch, FACHE, President and CEO, Main Line Health

Amazon Platform Management

Offering full-scale management, handling daily concerns (returns, customer service, administration, supply chain). Our intervention saved nearly $100 per hour compared to their initial consultant’s fees.

Warehousing & Logistics

During the rebrand, we optimized the workflow, selling old inventory on Amazon, avoiding wastage. Terminated an expensive 3PL contract, securing a 30% cost reduction and improved service for small businesses.

Demand Planning / Forecasting

We presented a six-month forecast to help the owners better understand when to place production orders as demand increases through each month. This allows them to have better cost projections when planning sales for upcoming months.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Established QA system with SOPs for Quality Management Standards in the pet supplement industry. Initial SOP approved in 2 weeks, showcasing our commitment to high-quality processes and industry compliance.


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