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Seamless Operations: Real Estate Firm Enhances Efficiency for Sustained Growth


Since 2024, our efforts with a major Real Estate client in the USA, who specializes in rental, flipping, and property management, have been directed towards refining their financial and operational frameworks. Managing multiple properties, the client faced challenges with irregular bookkeeping and outdated lease information, which impeded their operational efficiency. Over 400 hours, we have tackled these critical issues, resulting in improved financial practices and setting a solid foundation for ongoing development and success.

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The Solutions We Brought

Financial Audit and Rectification

Conducted a thorough audit to identify and rectify discrepancies in transaction recordings and lease data.

Integration of QBO with Appfolio

Enhanced integration between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Appfolio to ensure seamless data flow and accuracy.

Automated Lease Updates

Implemented automated systems to update lease dates and related changes, ensuring real-time accuracy in Appfolio.

Rent Variance Analysis

Developed and maintained rent variance sheets to monitor and report discrepancies between charged rent and lease agreements.

Training on Software Utilization

Provided comprehensive training for the client’s team on effective use of QBO and Appfolio for daily operations.

Regular Reporting and Feedback

Established a routine of regular financial and lease reporting to enable proactive management and quick resolution of issues.

Our collaboration has revolutionized how we manage our properties. The integration and financial auditing services have not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced our ability to manage growth effectively.

⁠— Operations Manager, Real Estate Firm


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