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You Still Aren’t Using SEO? Here Is Why You Should be!


Here is something most people don’t know.

The top 5 results in search engines get 75% of the clicks. You of course want to be on that top 5 list, but another thing so-called SEO experts don’t tell you need a lot more than keywords and terms to get you there.

Google tells us that SEO undergoes change over time and becomes the reason your website gets organic traffic.

When you focus on making small changes to your SEO every month, you get the most of your SEO. What’s important is not just the magnitude or frequency of changes, but staying on top of trends.

That’s why the right changes matter. Frankly, the right expert that knows how to make those changes so that you never lose your top spot on Google’s search engine.

Don’t be all want to be number one.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is all about the content. And you need to focus on RELEVANCE!

If you’re looking for clients for your service or product-based business, you will hardly impress anyone with articles that have nothing to do with what you’re selling.

You definitely will not impress Google.

Search engine algorithms have evolved to become as smart as your ideal customer. Consumers know what they want and Google wants them to get straight to the point.

The point, products and services that help them solve the problems they have.

So if you’re content is irrelevant then you’re not getting the traffic.

This is where we come in. We help you implement on site changes that will make you’re targeting the right keywords searched by your ideal customer.

Keywords are found in your title tags, meta descriptions, headlines, blog content and articles. When you have expert SEO writing, images, keywords, and user optimization on your page Google not only will send you traffic but the right kind.

Technical SEO

Let’s get technical.

Technical SEO is the foundation of your website or as we tech-heads refer to it, the pillar of technical optimization.

Think of it this way, you need a strong foundation, that can hold up all your catchy headlines, scroll-stopping images and award-winning blogs.

That’s what technical SEO does for your website. Making a website faster, easier to reach and understandable for search engines.

We will improve the technical aspects of your website so that Google gets to you without any delay or confusion about what you do.

Off-Page SEO

So 25% SEO is on-page that leaves us with 75% off-page SEO to get on point.

So it is clear you don’t only need to prioritize Off-Page SEO but you need real SEO experts, not just the ones that can come up with 25%.

The purpose of external links and resources is to complement your online image and create a positive reputation for your brand. Proper SEO optimization can effortlessly get people to your content.

Think about it this way we now search on our phones for everything, they have become the go-to vault for answers to our problems.

But do we only search on Google? The answer unfortunately is no.

From social media networks, catalogs, forums, directories to news sites, online stores, and even alternative search engines — we use them all and so do your consumers.

What does that mean to you, that they ALL matter in External SEO.

Remember what we said about keywords, well that applies here too but the scope is a lot broader. Remember 75% more work to do.

Have you implemented SEO on your website or are you missing out on getting the right client base directly to your homepage.

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